Access Control Systems
Access Control is quickly becoming the standard for most companies to secure their facilities. Access Control has many diverse types of applications. Financial Institutions, Educational Facilities, Military Installations, Healthcare, Airports, and many others all are using access control to provide optimum protection for their locations. Allen Electric & Mech, Inc. provides quality access control systems designed to meet your specific need(s). Our highly trained Access Control Division will design a system based on your security needs. Allen Electric & Mech, Inc. provides the following types of systems:
Proximity Card Readers - Biometrics - Hand Recognition Fingerprint Readers - Bar Code Readers
Facial Recognition Magnetic Stripe - Wiegand - Retina Reader - Key Fobs
Combination Systems which require (2) forms of recognition.

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television Systems
Allen Electric & Mech, Inc. is an industry leader in CCTV applications. We offer various types of systems to meet the needs of our clients. We provide CCTV systems to small business owners as well as Fortune 500 companies on a local and national level. The AllenGroup offers out-of-the-box package systems as well as custom-designed systems. We employ the finest Technicians, who are all certified and trained to install and service equipment from all of the top manufacturers in the industry.

CCTV is often used in banks, schools, airports, casinos, convenience stores, hospitals, police stations, public transportation and a host of other commercial and residential applications. Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant or are a corporation with multiple locations, The AllenGroup can provide you with a system that will meet your needs and budget.

CCTV offers you: Loss Prevention, Employee Safety, Video Evidence & Protection of Assets. Monitoring the activity in and around your business, CCTV is a deterrent that can be used internally and externally to protect people, property, vehicles and valuables. CCTV is considered the most effective form of security to reduce crime.
Our services include designing and installing: IP Solution Systems, Remote Video Access Systems and Integrated Solutions. We offer: 4-camera, 8-camera and 16 camera pre-designed package systems.

Safety & Security Systems
Allen Electric & Mech, Inc. is committed to providing our clients quality life safety and security solutions. To ensure maximum protection for your home and/or business we offer a wide variety of system solutions for you to chose from.

Our highly experienced team of Technicians is well trained in all aspects of safety and security applications, ensuring that we are able to provide the "right solution" for you. We offer the following services and products:
Access Control & Badge Systems, Fiber-Optics, CCTV and Surveillance, Microwave
Fire/Burglar Alarm Systems, Remote Access, Fire System Tests & Inspections, LAN/WAN, Intercoms,
Register Interfaces, Biometrics & Network Video Solutions
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